Data Strategy Email Course by Ryan Swanstrom

Data Strategy Email Course

Learn what a Data Strategy is and why it is important.

Why a Data Strategy?

Data Science is like many things in life. It does not just magically happen. It requires a plan and a strategy. This email course will educate you on some of the topics you should be thinking about when  venturing into the world of data science. 


What is an email course?

An email course is training environment delivered over email. Every couple of days you will recieve an email with a new topic to explore.

Does this email course cost anything?

No, this email course is free.

How long is the course?

Less than 2 weeks

Can I start any time?

Yes, the emails will arrive after you sign up.

Is the email course available now?

Yes it is available today. You can start as soon as you enter your email address.