AZML 101 - Azure ML | Building Your First Model by Ryan Swanstrom

AZML 101 - Azure ML | Building Your First Model

Begin your journey into Azure Machine Learning. This course starts at the very beginning and walks you through building your very first model.

What will I learn?

After completing the course, you should know how to do the following:
  • Create an Azure Machine Learning workspace
  • Create a compute instance for machine learning
  • Use Jupyter Notebooks within that compute
  • Monitor the progress of machine learning experiments you are building


What should I know before taking this course?

Some basic familiarity with Python programming, scikit-learn, and Jupyter notebooks. You do not need to be an expert in any of them, but it would be helpful if you have used them once or twice before.

Will I need an Azure subscription?

Yes, you will. If you do not have one, you can usually get a free trail at

Will this course prepare me to pass the DP-100 (Azure Data Scientist) exam?

All by itself, No.  However, the full sequence of Azure Machine Learning courses on this site should provide you enough knowledge to be well prepared for the exam. That said, this is not an exam prep class. There are no sample exam questions.  

What's included?

Video Icon 17 videos File Icon 12 files


Welcome to the Course
1 min
About the Instructor
3 mins
What will we build?
1 min
Courses Resources
Course Resources
2 mins
304 KB
Download this dataset file - king_county_housing_data.csv
2.4 MB
172 Bytes
252 Bytes
962 Bytes
692 Bytes
Create a Workspace
Create a Workspace
5 mins
What just got created?
4 mins
Setup the Workspace
Create Compute
3 mins
Create a Jupyter Notebook
2 mins
Upload CSV File
2 mins
The Data
2 mins
Build a Model
Connect to Workspace
4 mins
Build a Model
4 mins
Build an Azure Machine Learning Model
4 mins
View Logs
4 mins
Thanks & Congrats
1 min
Clean Up - Important
Clean Up to save on Costs
4 mins
Extra Resources
Extra Resources
1 min
Azure SDK Docs - Python
Machine Learning Regions Available
What is a workspace
Create a workspace in the Portal
Setup Python for Azure Machine Learning
Log Azure ML Experiments